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Yoga center

Five Advantages

1. Effective  Iyengar technique
2. Our peculiarities
3. Convenient location
4. Professional teachers
5. Flexible payment


There is a huge amount of yoga types and schools. Some cherish the tradition, others are far from the origins in a whirlwind of modernity.

One of the most prominent modern yoga teachers is  B. K. S. Iyengar - founder of the school of yoga that bears his name, cherishes and develops the traditions referred to it by the great early 20th century guru Professor T. Krishnamacharya Sriman. His method of learning about the world, his philosophical interpretation of B. K. S. Iyengar yoga is presented in a form accessible even for beginners. The author does not say that everything is simple and does not make empty promises to gullible seekers. However, he is absolutely sure that everyone has the power to make a journey inward in search of wholeness and inner freedom. This convinces his own way, his own experience, to overcome the difficulties and even deadly disease, which did not break him, but instead developed the tenacity and desire to get to the very essence of the teachings.

B. K. S. Iyengar was born on December 14, 1918, in a large poor family in a village in South India. Impoverished childhood, persistent diseases exhausted the child and led to a severe form of tuberculosis. Having started doing yoga at age 15, Iyengar did not believe that the lessons will help him. At first, the body ached unbearably, but perseverance and discipline changed the body strengthened the character and very soon Iyengar was invited to teach yoga in the royal palace. Yoga has become his fate and all life, fused with the practice, philosophy and teaching of this art.

Being 95 years old Iyengar continued to practice yoga, performed complicated asanas, willingly shared his knowledge with many fans and followers.

Iyengar passed away on August 20, 2014 in a private hospital in Pune. But his great legacy will remain forever in the hearts of all yoga practitioners. Iyengar's message "Let life be happy, and the death - majestic" will be forever  imprinted in our souls.

Iyengar method is by far the most consistent, thoughtful and proven, the safest and the most affordable method of yoga in the world. Use of auxiliary materials: bricks, belts, chairs, etc. – in the performance of yoga poses makes yoga available to a person of any age (from 6 years till – there is no upper age limit), any health condition, making sports maximum effective.

Iyengar method is not only a lesson with the use of materials, not only simplified and static poses, it is empowering for maximum accuracy, correctness and grace of performance of complicated poses (when the time comes), and a variety of dynamic systems.

Our Peculiarities

When doing fitness at the gym, in a pool a limited number of muscles are active - mainly outside large muscles. Yoga asanas without exception cover all muscle groups , including deep ones that hold the discs, the internal organs, all bones, joints, ligaments, and all systems of the body, especially hormonal  cardiovascular, nervous, and the most important - the brain: improving blood vessels reducing the risk of age-related changes in the brain.
 While doing fitness harmful habits of the body are not considered (for example, stoop, strong bending lumbar, body asymmetry and scoliosis, etc.). Yoga poses are primarily aimed at changing bad habits of the body, correcting them and installing good habits. Asanas make the body harmonious and beautiful in accordance with the nature.
Many seek to lose weight at all costs. Asanas make even naturally large body attractive, harmonious, all the excess gradually goes out, but most importantly, this happens without the endless diets, without any violence against yourself and with the multiplication of health and joy.
During fitness classes the body expends energy. Yoga asanas accumulate energy, people recover quickly from hard work, have a good sleep, chronic fatigue passes.

Other methods of yoga, other schools
The safest and most effective method of nowadays - the Iyengar method. Our center works by this method.
Use of the additional content in the classroom (bricks , benches, blankets, etc. ) make the practice accessible to anyone, regardless of age and health and helps to achieve the result - improved physical and mental health.
Very correct, geometrically precise alignment of asanas leads to better and long-term effect.
Other yoga centers working according to Iyengar method
The very first center in St. Petersburg, with its rich history and traditions.
Wonderful team of teachers with international certificates, improving personal skills and teaching practices, interesting, thoughtful and sensitive people.
Regular workshops with the best teachers of our center, from other Russian cities and abroad.
Traveling seminars are held regularly in the picturesque places of the planet.
There are specialists in osteopathy and massage.
There are classes on "Face Yoga".

What to Start with

1. Call us at 233-39-08 (Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, 41) and 719-72-37 or 924-28-81 (Zhukovskogo Str., 49), sign up for an introductory class.

2. Visit introductory class (strictly by appointment!). It is necessary to bring a change of shoes for walking round the Center and any sportswear. Come 15 minutes early to have enough time to change. It is not recommended to have a meal 3-4 hours before the class.
Introductory class includes the following:
- 15-20 minutes – teacher talks about yoga, Iyengar methodology according to which we practice yoga; about our Centers, the types of classes that we offer; gives recommendations to build your exercise program;
- 60 minutes – practice asanas;
- 10-15 minutes – general consultation.
All necessary materials for classes are there in the center, so there is no need to bring any materials with you.

What you need to know when visiting a class:

- Drink water before and after class, but it is not recommended to do during the class.
- Sauna, exercise – not recommended at the day of yoga classes (or with an interval of 4-5 hours).
- Shower is not recommended during 30 minutes after the class.

3. After passing the introductory class must pass four initial classes also on record.

4. After passing five preparatory classes (1 introductory and 4 initial classes) you continue with the first level, where it is recommended to go once a week to the basic class (basic), combining it with additional classes 1-3 times per week (healthy back, revitalizing, female, anti-stress).

Have a good practice!?

Schedule and prices

Contact Information


Center in Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, 41
Phone numbers: (812) 233-39-08, (812) 924-28-81
on foot from metro station Gorkovskaya — 10-15 min., metro station Petrogradskaya — 6-9 min.

Center in Zhukovskogo Str., 49
Phone numbers: (812) 719-72-37, (812) 924-28-81
on foot from metro station Mayakovskaya — 5 min., metro station Ploshad Vosstaniya — 5 min.
entrance through the arch in the yard of the block of flats number 49.